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The Resolute Ready Virtual Hub is an educational portal to support communities, military serving and nonserving, first responders, and their families via an online global portal.

We are not clinical professionals or a government organisation. We are a community who have first-hand experience of the mental and physical challenges that are experienced by many returned Veterans. We exist to see a stop in the intergenerational cycle of service trauma in Military, First Responder-connected families, to see relationships restored, and to do what we can to prevent suicide in our communities. We support the community in Mental Health.

Content warning — This website addresses sensitive topics and issues such as post-traumatic stress disorder and suicidal feelings.  We want to clarify that Resolute Ready cannot be held responsible for any potential repercussions arising from reading the content on the Resolute Ready website. While we strive to provide accurate and informative materials, individual interpretations and actions are beyond our control. We encourage users to exercise their judgment and discretion when engaging with our content.

Nations coming together to stop global suicide.


You are not alone.

Whether you recognise it or not, you are not on your own. No matter where or how you served, nor the burdens or darkness you find yourself carrying now, there are those of us who stand beside you. From past and present Veterans and First Responders to members of their families, we have walked that walk and come bearing a message of hope and support.

We also care for the whole family and global community in Mental Health.  You deserve to live a well-lived life.

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Our acknowledgement with government

Resolute Ready has already built a strong relationships with those in government who represent our veterans, first responders, and health and support services. Including:

  • Governor General of Australia Hon. David Hurley
  • Hon Matt Thistlethwaite Assistant Minister for Defence, Assistant Minister for Veteran Affairs, Assistant Minister for the Republic
  • Alison Frame Department Veteran Affairs Secretary
  • Hon David Fawcett Senator for Defence and Trade
  • Senator Karen Grogan for  building a fairer society
  • Hon Mark Butler MP, Australian Minister for Health and Aged Care
  • Hon Joe Szakacs MP for Police, Emergency Services and Correctional Services for South Australia.
  • Hon Blair Boyer MP for Education, Training and Skills, South Australia
  • Hon Matt Burnell MP, Member for Spence, South Australia
  • Hon Geoff Brock MP, Minister for Veterans Affairs, South Australia
  • Hon Nadia Clancy MP, Member for Elder, South Australia
  • Hon Keith Wolahan MP, Member for Menzies, Victoria
  • Gwen Cherne, Veteran Family Advocate Commissioner
  • Senator Jacqui Lambie
  • Former Minister for Defence Hon Kim Beazley
  • Kahlil Fegan DSC AM, Repatriation Commissioner
  • Hon David Speirs MP, Leader of the Liberal Party South Australia
  • Adrian Pederick MP, Shadow Minister for Veterans Affairs, Shadow Minister for Emergency Services
  • Hon Danny Kinahan  Veterans Commissioner for Northern Ireland
  • Tracy Bryant Chief Executive ASDIC – Association of Service Drop-In Centres, UK
  • David Richmond CBE, Independent Veterans Advisor to UK Government Ministers at the Cabinet Office
  • Hon Paul Mercurio member for Hastings, Victoria Australia
  • Lucas Stubbing -Manager, Employee Assistance Services, Health, Safety and Wellbeing South Australia Police – Chair of the Emergency Services Health and Well-being Network
  • Chris Tilley Senior Advisor, of Veterans Services within the Department for Correctional Services
  • DVA Veteran, Family, and Stakeholder Engagement Strategy
  • Australian Veteran’s Issues Forum
  • National Advisory Committee for Open Arms
  • SA Legislative Council on Mental Health Services for Police presented a submission to Parliament House Adelaide SA

Resolute Ready visits Parliament House Canberra Australia

Warning: suicide is mentioned.

Thank you for your endorsement Hon Mr Matt Burnell MP for Spence, Australia. We welcome all countries around the world to join us. We have 20 countries visiting the Resolute Ready website. We need service providers to join us from all around the world. Let’s collaborate and finally put a stop to suicide. Early Intervention is Key.

I rise today to express my heartfelt gratitude and deep appreciation for the outstanding efforts of Mr. Matt Burnell, Member of Parliament for the Labor Party in Spence, and meeting with Hon Mr Keith Wolahan Member of Parliament, Liberal Party, Menzies Australia. Mr. Burnell’s unwavering commitment to raising awareness for Resolute Ready, and his dedication to addressing the critical issues of mental health and suicide prevention, deserve our utmost admiration. His tireless work in listening to the voices and stories of our community, our military, our first responders, and their families has brought these urgent matters to the forefront and provided a ray of hope for those who often feel unheard and isolated. The Resolute Ready Global Virtual Hub bridges the disconnection gap and offers a vital lifeline for those in need. This initiative serves as a shining example of what can be achieved when a true leader is driven by compassion and a genuine commitment to the well-being of our society. Mr. Burnell’s efforts remind us that we are not alone in our struggles and that support is always within reach. As we stand here in this esteemed chamber, let us recognize and celebrate his remarkable contributions that extend far beyond these walls, touching the lives of countless individuals and families. In acknowledging Mr. Matt Burnell’s work, we also acknowledge the collective responsibility we share in addressing mental health challenges and ensuring the well-being of our community. Let us all be inspired by his example and continue to work together to create a society where every individual feels valued, heard, and supported.

One Stop One Call One Life

Congratulations to our Resolute Ready team for their dedication and commitment.

Thank you so much for the invitation and I only wish I could nip out to Australia for the meeting especially as my brother lives in Australia just outside Sydney. This is an incredibly important matter and one I whole heartedly support.  Have a really successful meeting.  Hon Danny Kinahan  Veterans Commissioner for Northern Ireland

Resolute Ready will provide special services and hope in the future for those who have been experiencing trauma.  Assistant Minister for Veteran Affairs, Defence and The Rupublic Hon Matt Thistlethwaite Australia

Resolute Ready is a great initiative and an example that you can act local and think global at the same time Matt Burnell MP

Just a note to say Thank you.  Very much appreciate it and all you are doing.  Wishing you every success.  Commissioner Nick Kaldas, Australia

As a proud US Marine Gulf War Veteran and a Boston Firefighter for the last twenty-five years, I’m thrilled to connect with Resolute Ready and contribute to the global support of our Veteran Military, First responders & their families.  The Meaning of Life for me is to live sober, share my experience, and do God’s Will by companionship with my brothers and sisters serving around our world. – John Fitzpatrick, New Hampshire, United States.

I met with the wonderful and dedicated Lidia Hall from Resolute Ready today in Parliament House, Adelaide Australia.   Resolute Ready fosters a community dedicated to supporting families of Veterans and First Responders and is working toward a stop in the generational cycle of service trauma in families, to see relationships restored, and to prevent Veteran/First Responders’ suicide.  Nadia Clancy MP Australia
Buongiorno volevo ringraziarvi personalmente per il supporto che giornalmente mi strasmettete questa e la mia forza che mi fa andare avanti ogni giorno, Ringrazio affettuosamente per questo riconoscimento ma vi assicuro che non e solo merito mio ma di tutta la comunità io sono portavoce delle persone che non anno voce sperando di poter raggiungere il nostro obiettivo e un miglioramento delle persone che ancora oggi portano con se la sofferenza vi abbraccio sperando in un fururo migliore. Giancarlo Calidonna, Firefighter Italy.

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