Thank you to our Resolute Ready Community Engagement Liaisons for their dedication and commitment.
SA Ambassador Derrick McManus, (former Star Group Officer) South Australia, Australia
Bruce Hambour – Pastoral Care, South Australia, Australia
Susan Hannigan – Management , Administration, South Australia, Australia
Beverley Emerson – Suicide prevention, intervention support, South Australia, Australia
Phil Essam – Australia Veteran Homeless Action Group, Canberra, Australia
Ross Beckley – Behind the Seen, New South Wales, Australia
Andrew Cullen and Zoe Cul PTSD Queensland, Australia
Lynette Hannon – Nurse Melbourne, Australia
Debbie Damis- Former Police psychologist, South Australia,
Sally-Anne Ward – lived experience writer, editor, Victoria, Australia.
John F New Hampshire, United States of America – Marine Corp
Linda Walls Certified Peer Visitor for the Amputee Coalition in America, Texas United States of America
Giancarlo Calidonna Fire Fighter, Piemonte, Italy
Further gratitude and thank you to;
Partners of Veterans Association, (the late Heather Evans), Narelle Bromhead, Raelene Hill, Angela Portakiewicz, Cleo Field, PVASA, Legacy Kerryn Smith, Garry Hammond (family advocate) Port Adelaide City of Enfield Adrian Wotton, Ian Lindgren Chairperson Australian Peacekeeper and Peacemaker Veteran’s’ Association, Dr Kerry Summerscales, Legacy – CEO Kerryn Smith, CarersSA, Kerry Ross (SAFECOM) Brian Moon (Community Country Service), Georgia Morris (Paramedic, Clinical Instructor, Clinical Educator), Veterans SA – Chantelle Bohan, Fiona McMillan (knowledge and guidance on service dogs), Wounded Heros QLDS, Kylie Agnew, Jamie Harding Theatrix, Sean O’Keefe, Edelweiss O’Keefe, Sue Langhorne, Mark Goodbody, Conny Wiesner, Beverley Anne Foster, Annette Newlyn, Emma Roether
The Cruising Yacht Club of South Australia, Connections – Kylie and Phil that provided the entertainment, chocolates and operational canine packs for service animals will continue to be available for Resolute Ready members from Beverley our Resolute Ready Community Engagement Liaison.
Special thank you to my husband Duncan Hall, Wilma Legge, Ralph Legge and Pip Hall, the late Reginald John and Ann Hall, family and friends.
Thank you to all our sponsors


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