Our initiatives are designed to educate and raise awareness about service trauma, provide access to relevant support services, and create a supportive community where people can find understanding and connection. Through different initiatives, we connect with different people groups and strive to empower them through education and support, resources, and connection into the Resolute Ready community.  Early intervention is the key.

The Virtual Hub

The Resolute Ready Virtual Hub is an online global directory of services and organisations available to the community, military veterans, first responders, and their families.   We believe connecting families to support services earlier can reduce the harm and the impact of service trauma on families.  Submit your service by completing the service provider proforma available in the Resolute Ready Virtual Hub.  Early intervention is the key.

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Suicide Prevention

Suicide Prevention Initiative to significantly reduce deaths by suicide.

Resolute Ready is having discussions with government delegates to consider the implementation of a 001 suicide prevention direct number for individuals experiencing suicidal ideation and for families that are concerned about the safety of their family members who are at risk. We would like individuals and families to have a direct line to emergency services, linking callers to personnel who are trained in PTSD, service trauma, and suicidal ideation. The caller will be triaged by a qualified medical professional experienced in civilian, military, and the first responder community who will liaise with service providers and case managers to formulate a safety plan and follow up with family and medical professionals.

Urgent action needs to be taken to eliminate the “unacceptable” backlog of veterans’ compensation claims…… a royal commission has warned, saying the situation may lead to suicides.  Our new secretary Alison Frame has been working diligently within the Department of Veteran Affairs, liaising with stakeholders and other government agencies to improve better outcomes for our Veterans and families.  This needs to be a shared responsibility across all sectors.

Key points:

  • Thirteen recommendations have been made in the interim report, with five of them focusing on the DVA’s claims process and staffing levels
  • The commissioners identified 50 previous reports and more than 750 recommendations on these issues in the past 22 years
  • More current and former ADF members have died by suicide than in combat in the Afghan and Iraq wars
  • 3 suicides per fortnight

Thank you for your service Commissioners:  Chair Nick Kaldas APM,  the Hon James Douglas KC, and Dr Peggy Brown AO for their commitment and exemplary accomplishment and delivery and updates into the Royal Commission into Defence and Veteran Suicide.

Royal Commission into Defence and Veteran Suicide

Education Backpack

Education Backpack is an initiative for schools and universities that is currently in development. We are liaising with the government and other stakeholders to shape the content and rollout for this initiative and look forward to sharing more about it in the future as we see it come to fruition.  At Resolute Ready, we work in partnership with other organisations to produce quality initiatives and programs.

Thank you to South Australian Minister for Education, Training and Skills MP Blair Boyer, for accepting the development of the initiative to have an identifier on all school enrolment forms.  If we can identify children and young people struggling at school and who are disengaged in learning, we can stop the generational cycle of trauma by schools linking families to support earlier to reduce the harm service trauma has on families.

We would like to ask all other states of Australia and the world to implement an identifier for Military Veterans, First Responders, and their families in the prevention of suicide.

Dear Ms. Hall (Lidia)

I write to confirm the addition of a criterion to the Department of Education Digital Enrolment form which will assist families to select whether parents are current or previous members of the Australian Defence Force (ADF).

This will be is a significant step in supporting the well-being and health of Defence students….

yours sincerely

MP Blair Boyer

SA Minister for Education, Training and Skills

School Resources available thank you to The Pennsylvania State University, USA.


Valuing People Valuing Children Valuing Lives

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