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The First Responder Mental Wellness Method is a comprehensive program designed to support First Responders and Veterans in managing stress, improving sleep, and cultivating overall mental well-being.

The program combines practical tools, including understanding the stress response & why First Responders and Veterans have higher rates of mental illness and suicide, breathwork techniques, yoga practices, mindfulness exercises, strategies for creating a supportive home environment, and implementing learned strategies into daily life.

During the program, participants will have the opportunity to engage in self-reflection in various ways. A comprehensive course workbook is provided, designed to be utilised alongside the course content. The workbook serves as a valuable tool for participants to document their experiences, insights, and progress. It allows them to reflect on what strategies or techniques/practices are working well for them and what may require adjustments. By recording their preferences and observations, participants can develop their personalised mental wellness plan, tailored to their specific needs and preferences.

The workbook provides a tangible resource that participants can refer back to even after completing the program. It serves as a guide for designing their ongoing mental wellness practices, ensuring they have a solid foundation to continue their journey beyond the course duration.

Throughout the program, participants will also have access to weekly group coaching calls, live practices and a dedicated, private Facebook group. These platforms provide opportunities for additional support, sharing experiences, and fostering a sense of community among course participants.

By combining knowledge, practical tools, self-reflection, and community support, The First Responder Mental Wellness Method offers a comprehensive framework for first responders and veterans to enhance their well-being, navigate stress, and cultivate a greater sense of balance in their lives.

Note**This program IS NOT and DOES NOT claim to be an alternative to Psychological or Medical Treatment. This Program is designed to provide participants with tools to use in conjunction with other therapies currently in place.

  • Anger
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Education and Skills
  • Healing
  • Health
  • Health and Lifestyle
  • Men's Health
  • Mental Health
  • Online Resources
  • Physical Wellbeing
  • Post Traumatic Growth
  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Regional Support
  • Resilience
  • Resources
  • Service Trauma
  • Wellness Initiatives
  • Women's Health


PO Box 4231
Coffs Harbour Jetty
NSW, 2450


  • Free Services
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  • Accepts White Card Holder (Australia)
  • Accepts Gold Card Holder (Australia)
  • Accepts DVA pension card holder
  • Accepts TPI Gold Card Holder (Australia)

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