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The Psychology Tools mission is twofold:

1. To support professionals with the evidence-based resources, tools, and guidance they need to deliver great therapy.
2. To support the public by providing free, high-quality mental health information.

How do we do this?
We create resources that improve theoretical understanding and elevate your practice. As well as creating great tools, we write about the theoretical background underpinning each resource, helping you create stronger theory-practice links, and apply your knowledge more effectively. Resources include guidance to help you use them in the best possible way for your clients, which we believe is just as important as our resource range and quantity.

We only work with highly qualified clinicians and academics. Not only are they specialists in their fields, our team members are experts at distilling complex concepts into easily digestible materials. We only develop evidence-based and evidence-supported resources, but as practitioners we understand the differing needs of clinicians and clients, so we design tools with both in mind.

We make resources more accessible for clients. Your practice is more effective if clients can engage with your resources. With hundreds of multilingual materials you can support clients in their native language, which leads to deeper understanding. Concepts are explained clearly on a single page, while multiple formats and resource styles mean clients can use them in whatever way suits them best.

We make therapists lives easier. We all have multiple demands on our working week. Our library is designed to save you time, feel better prepared, and work more efficiently, so you can deliver great therapy to more clients. Expand your practice by learning new tools and techniques, whatever stage of your professional development you’re at.

We provide everyone with free access to professional quality self-help. Adapted versions of our professional psychoeducation and self-help guides will always be available for anyone to use, whether they’re members of the public, or professionals.

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  • Depression
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Psychology Tools, Fourth Floor Suite 3,
Reading Bridge House,
George Street,
RG1 8LS,
United Kingdom


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