HealthSpace Collective is a team of Psychologists, Counsellors, Social Workers and Relationship Therapist. We provide support to our clients via Telehealth and also two locations for face to face therapy in Peregian Beach and The Lockyer Valley, QLD.
Our practitioners are highly skilled and have been practicing in their field for many years.
We see clients 16yrs+
Specialty areas include (but not limited to):
Sexual Assault
Relationships (all forms, not just couples)
Emotion/ Self Esteem

Sharyn Dorber
Dip. Couns AIPC, Counsellor
Lockyer Valley & Telehealth
Sharyn is an experienced and mature multi-level Counsellor providing guidance and working with clients who have diverse needs regarding life transitions – grief and loss, relationships and family issues, loneliness, stress and anxiety, depression, parenting pressures, suicide, emotional and self-esteem issues.
Depending on each individual client’s needs, we focus on Mindfulness, Cognitive Behaviour and Acceptance Commitment Therapy, Strength Based and Person-Centred approaches which offer a way of working to accept the client for who they are.
This enables me to work with individual clients, couples, and families from a wide range of backgrounds and experiences to offer the support and understanding they need in order to evolve and make changes in their lives, make healthy choices and change old, unhelpful patterns of behaviours.
Supporting individuals heal, energize, and become aware of their inner strengths – putting the client first and foremost.
Providing a neutral safe space, listening to their concerns, and customizing a therapy plan with a range of approaches to adapt to the client’s way of exploring.

Wendy Campbell- Psychologist
Bachelor of Arts Psychology, Graduate Diploma of Psychology
Telehealth Sessions
I work with clients aged 16 and over, supporting them through their anxiety, depression, stress, trauma (past and recent), grief and loss, and parenting issues. I believe in the importance of understanding my clients’ individual needs and developing a therapeutic plan tailored to them, helping them gain the best results from therapy. Being part of my client’s journey is an incredible privilege, and I value every minute I can walk beside them and help them overcome their obstacles and traumas.

I am a Registered Psychologist with over 26 years of experience working in counselling and psychology, working in community organisations and government departments before starting my private practice in 2007. This has enabled me to gain experience, knowledge and skills to help clients with many concerns and to support them holistically (individually and within their family systems).

Georgia Nichol
Counsellor / Social Worker / Relationship Therapist
Peregian Beach & Telehealth
Georgia is a trained and experienced practitioner with over 20 years qualified experience. Georgia has a Masters in Couple and Relationship Therapy and a Bachelor Degree in Social Work. Georgia offers counselling for relationships in all their forms.
This may mean working to nurture and improve an existing relationship or reflecting on what’s not working well. It may mean starting a relationship or ending one. Georgia works from the basis that relationships are complex and require lifelong attention. In her practice, she has found that when personal relationships are not working well, the ability to cope with other areas of life are often affected too.
Georgia also provides counselling to individuals wishing to focus on a specific issue, event or problem that may seem unrelated to the relationships in their life.
Georgia works with individuals and couples experiencing a range of difficulties including communication, sex, desire and intimacy, infidelity, parenting, navigating the online space, grief, loss, infertility, the joining of two families and separation.
Her therapeutic approach draws from a range of overarching frameworks including family systems, psychodynamic psychotherapy, emotion focused therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy, polyvagal theory and couple and family therapy.
The first counselling session aims to obtain a ‘helicopter’ view of the relationship or issue. This may include the difficulties that have brought the client to counselling, the history of the problem, what the client would like to get out of the sessions and some information about past experiences. This then becomes useful in subsequent sessions to address the important matters as they arise.
All counselling sessions are totally confidential. Georgia does not make judgments about who is right or wrong, nor tell clients what to do or what decisions to make, but rather provides the space and opportunity to explore the issues, feelings and options for a way forward.

  • Counselling
  • Mental Health
  • Psychologist


Ph 07 5408 4380

Telehealth Services Australia Wide
Also 2 locations for face to face therapy:
1. Peregian Beach, QLD
2. Lockyer Valley, QLD

Hours of Operation

Wednesday - 9am - 6pm
Thursday 9am - 6.30pm
Friday 9am - 6pm


  • Free Services
  • Paid Services
  • Online Services
  • In-Person Services
  • Accepts DVA pension card holder
  • Accepts TPI Gold Card Holder (Australia)

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