The Heart Health Program (HHP), run by Corporate Health Management on behalf of the Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA), is a free, 12 month health and wellbeing program designed to assist Veterans with making sustainable lifestyle changes in support of their general health.

HHP is open to all ADF Veterans who have operational, peacekeeping or disaster relief service, either in Australia or overseas.
Delivered as an Individual (telehealth) or Group (Face-to-Face) program, HHP has a mode of delivery to suit your needs and preferences.

To test your eligibility and enrol, please visit

  • Health
  • Health and Lifestyle
  • Nutrition
  • Physical Wellbeing
  • Wellness Initiatives


Ph 1300 246 262


  • Accepts DVA pension card holder
  • Accepts Gold Card Holder (Australia)
  • Accepts TPI Gold Card Holder (Australia)
  • Accepts White Card Holder (Australia)

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