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Breathe Stretch Float are the only providers in Australia for the combined therapies of float therapy and Havening Techniques to significantly reduce the burden of PTSD, treating the physical, mental and biological symptoms of the condition.

Float therapy is used worldwide both as a means for relaxation and to help those with anxiety, stress, depression and particularly PTSD. The treatment entails floating in 10 inches of skin temperature water infused with 350kg of Epsom Salts. During a typical 60 minute session a client can expect their blood pressure to drop 10 - 15 points, vasodilation to occur, a significant reduction in the stress hormone cortisol, an increase in serotonin levels in the brain, pain reducing and feelgood endorphins to be released in the brain as well as an increase in cytokines which target reducing inflammation and promoting the bodies natural immune response leading to accelerated physical healing. Floating leaves the client feeling the world is a more serene place and activates the parasympathetic nervous system.

Havening Techniques change the biology of the amygdala. As a species we are hardwired to encode traumatic experiences to allow us to quickly react to future similar experience. This encoding is done by a chemical receptor called an AMPA receptor that become phosphorised in place in the neural pathway. Each time this receptor is activated the body reacts by going into fight or flight mode when there is nothing physically to escape from this feels like the physical sensation of anxiety. Havening through touch, verbal distraction and the opening of a calcium channel in the neural pathway, allow for a calcineurin to be released which de-phosphorises the AMPA receptor. With the removal of this chemical receptor the traumatic memory becomes just a memory which creates no physical sensation and does not activate the sympathetic (fight or flight) nervous system.

The combination of float therapy and Havening techniques is a powerful tool to help both physical and mental health. Please read Facebook and Google reviews for Breathe Stretch Float to see the benefits of real people who have experienced these treatments.

As well as a number of other services, we are a fully functional yoga studio and can help with both physical fitness and physical recovery.

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