Australian Partners of Defence (APOD) is the official benefits program designed to help and support defence and veteran families across the country. We have over 150,000 families (and growing monthly) using the APOD platform and save money on everyday expenses, fuel, gifts, and other purchases.

We have partnered with the Department of Veterans' Affairs (DVA) to offer free access to APOD to eligible Veteran Card holders and their spouses. To become a member of APOD, veterans must have completed at least one day's continuous full-time military service and have a DVA Veteran Card.

APOD collaborates with over 3,000 associated companies and businesses, including big names like Ampol, RM Williams, Mitsubishi Motors, Harley-Davidson, Woolworths, and over 600 veteran-owned and operated businesses. These companies offer special deals and discounts to APOD members, making it an ideal platform for those looking to save money.

We understand that when one person serves in the military, the whole family serves. We employ veterans, their spouses, and family members, making it the heart of our mission.

APOD also connects veterans with businesses that support them. By joining APOD, defence and veteran members can access a network of companies that appreciate their sacrifices and want to give back. Our website ( has all the information you need to get started and start enjoying the benefits. You can also download the Offical APOD App from the App Store or Google Play Store to access everyday savings on the go! Alternatively, you can call us on 1300 00 APOD (2763) and our friendly Member Services Team will aim to answer any questions you have.

Australian Partners of Defence (APOD) is a program that helps defence and veteran families save money and connect with businesses that appreciate their sacrifices. If you or someone you know has served, sign up for APOD today and help spread the word to your network. With over 150,000 families already using the platform, there's no better time to join and start taking advantage of the benefits.

  • Community Engagement
  • Community Member
  • Concessions and discounts
  • Family Support
  • Financial Support
  • Health
  • Health and Lifestyle
  • Legal Support
  • Nutrition
  • Online Resources
  • Regional Support
  • Social Community Engagement Support
  • Transition


Ph 1300002763

PO BOX 328, HOVE SA 5048

Hours of Operation

Monday 9AM - 5PM
Tuesday 9AM - 5PM
Wednesday 9AM - 5PM
Thursday 9AM - 5PM
Friday 9AM - 5PM


  • Paid Services
  • Online Services
  • In-Person Services
  • Government-funded
  • Accepts Gold Card Holder (Australia)
  • Accepts White Card Holder (Australia)
  • Accepts DVA pension card holder
  • Accepts TPI Gold Card Holder (Australia)

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