Commonly asked questions

To help answer some of those unanswered questions we have compiled a compilation of some common questions asked of Resolute Ready. Take a look below and if you still find that a question was not answered then please feel free to contact us via our contact page and we will do our best to get back to you as quickly as possible.

Questions about using the Virtual Hub

How do I use the Virtual Hub?

Visit the Virtual Hub page by clicking the menu item above. On that page you will be presented with a few quick questions to help us pre-fill some filters for you and get you finding the services that best suit you. You can toggle filters on and off in the sidebar on the left to help refine or broaden your results. Additionally if there is a key word you are looking for, you can search key details in the searchbar found near the top of the page.

Do I need an account to use the Virtual Hub?

No, you do not need an account to use the Virtual Hub. Your pre-filled filters will remain whilst you are visiting the website but will reset the next time you visit the website.

Questions on listed services

How do I get a service listed on the Virtual Hub

Visit the Virtual Hub page via the link in the top menu. From there click the “Submit a Service” link to go to the service submission form. Using this form you can enter in all the information required for a service in our Virtual Hub.

After submitting a service, one of the Resolute Ready team is assigned to the service to check all the details and complete any additional follow-up in order to determine whether the details have been entered correctly and whether the service is appropriate for listing in the Virtual Hub.

Once the service has been verified it will appear on the Virtual Hub.

How do I manage the details of a service I submitted?

When you submit a service application, the service is placed into our system and an email is sent to the email listed as the contact in the application. That email includes a link and password token to be able to access and manage the details of the service. If you did not receive an email or have found you are having an error with the details that were provided, please contact us via our contact page found in the main menu above.

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