Our Mission is to stop the intergenerational cycle of service trauma, restore relationships and develop preventative initiatives and programs to reduce the impact of service trauma in families.


Our Vision is to empower people through education, to advance social and public welfare and to improve and support Global Mental Health and Educational Initiatives.


Lidia’s Story

Welcome to Resolute Ready. I have lived experience and understand the impact of service trauma. During these past ten years I have experienced the fragility and the confrontational cost of a war on human life.

Trauma had a huge impact on our family and as we recover now we would like to help others. I found it very challenging to navigate and access the services and organizations to support our family to thrive and function.

Resolute Ready is not a clinical professional or government organisation. It has evolved through the experiences of many returned veteran families, and I am relieved and happy to say that we are all on the path to recovery.  We know that First Responders and their families experience service trauma but whilst the battlefield is different the outcomes are the same.

Our aim at Resolute Ready is to encourage families to reach out and connect while providing them with access to services quickly and efficiently and to this end we are providing: Online – One stop! One call! One Life!

As CEO and Founder, I bring to Resolute Ready over 30 years of experience. I have taught in varied sectors and age groups from adult education, to project management in the corporate industry, innovation, and entrepreneurial experience. we believe that individuals, families, and communities thrive when they have a sense of belonging and purpose.

Working together in partnership we can make a positive impact on our global community in mental health.

In addition, earlier in the year our founder Lidia Hall was allowed to voice recommendations and initiatives to the Royal Commission into Defence and Veteran Suicide. Also, Lidia was invited to participate in The National Advisory Committee for Open Arms as a Lived Experienced member who reports directly to the Hon Matt Thistlethewaite, Assistant Minister for Defence, Veterans Affairs, and for the Republic.

Lidia was invited to participate in the DVA Stakeholder Engagement Strategy for Veterans and Families.

Our acknowledgement with government

Resolute Ready has already built a fantastic reputation and relationship with those in government who represent our veterans, first responders, and health and support services. Including:

  • Hon Matt Thistlethwaite. Assistant Minister for Defence, Assistant Minister for Veteran Affairs, Assistant Minister for the Republic
  • Hon David Fawcett. Senator for Defence and Trade South Australia.
  • Senator for South Australia – Karen Grogan.
  • Hon Mark Butler MP Australian Minister for Health and Aged Care
  • MP Joes Szakacs. Minister for Police, Emergency services and correctional services of South Australia

In addition, earlier in the year our founder Lidia Hall was given the opportunity to voice recommendations and initiatives to the Royal Commission into Defence and Veteran Suicide. Also, Lidia was invited to participate in The National Advisory Committee for Open Arms that reported directly to the Hon Minister Matt Thistlethwaite.


Our Aims

Our Team

The Resolute Ready International team works together to create a community of understanding and to bring about initiatives supporting the community, military personnel, veterans, first responders, and their families who have been impacted by service trauma.

Dr Kay Danes, OAM — International Ambassador

Dr Kay Danes OAM Resolute Ready International Ambassador

Dr Danes has extensive advocacy experience spanning four decades. She has held key leadership roles on numerous boards, including as the former President of Army Families (WA) Inc. In this position, Dr. Danes developed important well-being programs to connect and support Defence families posted to Western Australia. This resulted in a collaboration among Army, Navy, and Airforce families, known as ‘tri-service collaboration’.

Through her research and advocacy work, Dr Danes has made significant contributions to argue policy reforms that create fairer and more supportive work environments for Australian Defence Force personnel. Dr Danes played a pivotal role in developing an in-house training program called “Hostage—Survive with Dignity,” specifically designed for Australian Defence Force personnel deployed on overseas operations.

In addition to her advocacy work in Australia, Dr. Danes has actively participated in US Congressional forums and international conferences. She has also served as a human rights advisor for organizations such as the US Centre for Public Policy Analysis, GAP Veteran and Legal Services, and most recently as an International Ambassador for Resolute Ready, supporting Global Mental Health and Educational Initiatives for military and first responders.

Dr. Danes holds a PhD from the School of Law & Justice (Southern Cross University). She also has a Masters in Human Rights (Curtin University), along with various professional qualifications in Business, Security Operations, and Training Development. A former Adjunct Lecturer and External PHD (Law) Examiner (University of New England).


Lidia Hall

Resolute Ready International CEO and Founder 

Lidia Hall is an academic, highly competent, goal-orientated, and knowledgeable with lived experience.  Her connection to the challenges faced by veterans, particularly with mental and physical war service injuries, adds a deeply personal and empathetic dimension to her role as the founder and CEO of Resolute Ready. The acknowledgment of the fragility and high human cost of war on individuals and families underscores the urgency and sincerity of her commitment to supporting others in similar situations.

Through her connections with the families of the core client group which are our military, and public safety officers (first responders) she became aware of unmet needs for support services, in particular sourcing support.

With knowledge and understanding combined with the establishment in Australia of a Royal Commission into the Cause of Defence and Veteran Suicide,  she decided in response to set up an online directory called Resolute Ready Virtual Hub.   A digital platform or digital library linking you to support services at a local, national, and global level.

With over 30 years of diverse experience in education, project management, and the performing arts community, Lidia brings a wealth of skills to her leadership role. Her ability to execute projects within timelines and budget constraints showcases her organizational prowess and adaptability in navigating various sectors.

The international exposure gained from her participation in the Symposium on Aboriginal Economic Development Strategies at the invitation of the late Gene Zwozdesky MLA, Alberta Canada further illustrates Lidia’s commitment to global engagement and positive change. Her dedication to fostering inclusion and diversity, as evidenced by her work in education and connections with cultural organizations, reflects a broader vision for creating a more equitable and compassionate society.

Lidia’s involvement in advocating for veterans and their families at both local and federal levels, including participation in the Royal Commission into Veteran Suicide, demonstrates a hands-on approach to addressing the pressing issues faced by the military community. Her interest in developing initiatives for mental health and well-being aligns with the holistic approach necessary for supporting frontline service men and women and their families.

In summary, Lidia Hall’s professional journey, coupled with her commitment and experience, paints a picture of a leader dedicated to making a meaningful impact in education, project management, and military, first responder, and connected families’ advocacy. Her passion for positive change, coupled with her ability to inspire others, positions her as a dynamic and influential figure rallying others toward positive change within her community and beyond.


Derrick McManus

Resolute Ready International Ambassador  for South Australia

Derrick McManus was a South Australian Police officer operating in the elite Special Tasks And Rescue (STAR) Group.  He held specialist skills as a sniper, diver and was trained by the military elite Special Air Services Regiment (SAS) in counter-terrorist tactics. During a high-risk arrest, Derrick was shot 14 times and left bleeding for 3 hours prior to his rescue. Having journeyed through the resulting physical, mental, and emotional trauma, Derrick is now dedicated to providing insights on going beyond resilience to understanding an individual’s durability, and seeing others feel supported through the trauma they themselves might experience.

Susan Hannigan

Resolute Ready International Engagement Community Liaison for South Australia

“I strongly support, respect and appreciate those who have served our country in the Armed Forces and as First Responders, along with the families who love and support them.  I have not served myself, but have several close friends who are combat veterans or family members of combat veterans.  I love speaking with people who have a story, a battle, a victory, a laugh to share and I want to connect us all in a way that we can build strong relationships and communities.  None of us have all the answers but with connections, mateship and a willingness to push forward, we can achieve great things. I consider it a privilege to come alongside those who have served and sacrificed for our country and to preserve our way of life. Let’s all come together to provide support and link people with groups and organisations that can assist.  Let’s not just live but heal and thrive as individuals, families and communities.”

Pastor Bruce Hambour

Resolute Ready International Community Engagement Community Liaison for South Australia

I welcome anyone to join with us as we stand beside our fellow brothers and sisters who have served our nation in times of need. I personally experience PSTD as having served 20 years in the Royal Australian Navy and saw action in Vietnam, Borneo and Malay Peninsula.   It was much later I found my faith in God transformed my life and I studied a Bachelor or Ministry so that I could help others. Due to my own lived experience, I understand the journey of healing from the wounds of moral injury and recognise that there will be some difficult obstacles to overcome, however I have also seen that there is great hope in pursuing a better tomorrow, one that intersects with the plans of God for you, your family and your future. In other words I know what you are going through and I am here to assist and help you with any areas of your life that I may be able to with spiritually matters or in counselling.  Some say that asking for help means showing weakness but I’d argue that seeking healing for yourself and your family is a clear sign of strength and courage.    If you have any concerns text me a message and I will call you back. M:  0438 663 241 at any time. Mentor/Pastoral Care – PTSD Resurrected 




Paula Barton

Resolute Ready International Executive Assistant and Operations Management

After serving in the Australian Army for over 20 years, Paula Barton continues to display how to navigate life as an Army veteran. During her time in the Army, she was deployed to East Timor and supported those going through mental health crises relating to service. As well as volunteer work, she has experience in operational photography, a mentor for Gap Year Soldiers and Service women’s issues. Her lived experience has encouraged her to become an active member of the community in many positive companies geared toward creating positive environments for women, veterans, and their families.

Following retirement in 2016, Paula is passionate about volunteering in the community, spreading her passion for awareness of family issues, and domestic violence, and building community support for veterans, first responders, and their families. Currently, Paula specialises in Administration and Social Media functions within Resolute Ready. On top of all of this, Paula is a single mother of two children and is active in their everyday lives.

Paula’s commitment to lifelong learning has brought her back to the books, as she is currently studying for a Diploma in Graphic Design.

Dr Alan O'Connor

Resolute Ready International Ambassador for Veterans, Adelaide South Australia
I was called up when I was 19 and attending ANU in Canberra as an economics student. In 1970, I became an ‘accidental soldier’ serving in Ordnance in South Vietnam. My role as the US Liaison Non-Commissioned Officer was to transcribe all Australian requests for US stores into US computer code and assist our trucks through the security controls at the Long Binh base 20 km from Saigon. Eventually I was one of two Aussies and a New Zealander posted to Long Binh with 40,000 Americans. I served with many African American soldiers at a time when the Black Power movement was at its peak.
This service added considerably to my life experience. I had met Joan in 1969 and we were soon married and beginning our family of three children in Adelaide where most of her family lived. After some years in the Australian Bureau of Statistics, I took a position as the first Research Officer for the newly formed Emergency Housing Office. I had subsequent roles in the Social Justice Unit, Aboriginal Affairs, and other social policy areas. In 2012, I completed a PhD working with academics to study small business initiatives in the APY Lands, in the far north-west of SA.
I became a founding member of Habitat for Humanity in SA in 1990. I spent years working on local housing projects with low-income people who donated their ‘sweat equity’, before setting out on my first Global Village build in 2000 with son Sean to Fiji where we witnessed a coup. Many fascinating trips building houses in poor communities in New Zealand, Vanuatu, Cambodia, India, Nepal and Sri Lanka followed. I am now a Life member of HFHA.
I also became interested in the heritage of my local community and became a founding member of the Port of Adelaide branch of the National Trust. I have enjoyed being secretary of the Port Adelaide University of the Third Age where we bring in guest speakers on a range of topical issues.
I have a great interest in woodwork and completed dozens of small projects both for myself and those needing help nearby during COVID. At the start of 2020, I undertook training with Calvary Care on how to record Life Stories for people in palliative care. It has been very rewarding to complete these stories and now take on a mentor role. I look forward to helping Resolute Ready where I can with my research and life experience.

Camilla Cooper

Camilla (Milly) Cooper – Resolute Ready International Partnerships/Communications

Camilla is a creative, strategic, humanly focused, forward-thinking solutionist who has welcomed the opportunity to support Resolute Ready and it’s core mission and values. Camilla has worked locally, nationally and internationally in partnerships, project management and client-building roles and her knowledge and networks will be an asset to our international organisation.
With over 20 years of experience and a diverse skill set based in Communications, Advertising, Project Management, Training, Employment, Private sector business, Federal Government and Mental Health and Wellbeing, Camilla is a strong and integral part of the Resolute Ready core Management team.

Phil Essam

Resolute Ready International Community Engagement Liaison for Canberra

My name is Phil Essam. I live in Canberra. I am a Veteran who served for twenty seven years in the RAAF. I am now studying to become a Social Worker. When qualified, I would like to help and work with Veterans . I see this role for the ACT as being a conduit. If I can help any Veterans or their families to be connected with the right services or assistance, then we can make their lives better. Looking forward to working with you all.  In Australia, it is estimated that there are around 5800 Australian Veterans who are classified as Homeless. This is a terrible situation in anyone’s book.  Australian Homeless Veterans Action Group | Facebook


Lynette Hannon

Resolute Ready International Community Engagement Liaison for Nurses in Melbourne, Victoria

Hello I’m Lynette. I’m a registered nurse and teacher who has been married to my partner for 31 years. My partner served in the Army for 20 years. He suffers from PTSD and Major Depression and has been on a long journey to recovery which continues to this day. To say it’s been a roller coaster of a ride is an understatement. Our relationship has been tested to the nth degree. Our relationship is far from ideal. But we have stuck by each other through countless happenings. We hang on to the positive that has come from our time together.  At the time of writing this introduction, we are riding the crest of the wave. Who knows how long this crest will last. Standing by my partner means identifying and determining how to respond to the eventual dive.  There is always hope. Maybe this dive will be smaller in magnitude. Reach out.  Beside One Another doesn’t mean stand alone.

Tony Armstrong-Carrigg

Resolute Ready International Ambassador for Paramedics, Melbourne Victoria Australia
Tony is an Ambulance Attendant working for St John Ambulance Victoria and jointly in this role as a contractor for Ambulance Victoria.
Tony has a Diploma in Paramedics and has had eight years of experience in both the emergency and patient transport sectors in Victoria.
He has had three decades of community service on boards including Barwon Youth previously BAYSA and advisory roles to a number of social welfare organisations in Victoria.
Tony was awarded Rotary’s Paul Harris Award for outstanding achievement in the community for his contribution to medical training.

Sally-Anne Ward

Resolute Ready International Community Engagement Liaison for Melbourne Victoria Australia. 
Sally-Anne Ward Resolute Ready Community Engagement Liaison for Melbourne Victoria Australia. I am a Mum to three daughters and grandmother of two grandsons, I am also a novel/film writer, editor, and book midwife, with a Diploma in Professional Writing, Editing and Publishing. I come from a family of servicemen in the Army and Navy, both grandfathers serving in World War 2 and my father a Navy Vietnam Veteran, my niece also served in the Army, my Mum was a Volunteer Pension Officer/Advocate for Veterans for many years after my Dad passed away. I am separated from my TPI Veteran partner; though he resides interstate, I continue to support him in his treatment and recovery. While I am not a professional, I have a deep understanding of PTSD, Anxiety, Depression, Adjustment Disorder, ADHD, Autism, Domestic Violence Survival, and Trauma, and also have a high awareness of the effect of being a child and grandchild of traumatised veterans, a lived experience of generational trauma. Our service men and women across all services are worth fighting for, including the partners and children. I feel that by uniting and working together, we can support each other as we navigate all the encompassing issues that go with being Australian Defence Force and First Responders families. Reach out if you need help, that first step is the hardest but it’s a worthy one.

Ross Beckley O.A.M.

Resolute Ready International Community Engagement Liaison for First Responders New South Wales (Behind the Seen)
Ross is the Founder of Behind The Seen. There are 400,000 emergency services workers across Australia, including 200,000 volunteers. Current statistics indicate 1 in 10 will experience symptoms of post-traumatic stress related to critical incidents.
Ross Beckley is our Community Engagement Liaison for NSW, Australia. Ross is a decorated veteran firefighter with over 20 years of experience in front-line firefighting and training. Ross utilizes his lived experience with post-traumatic stress to promote healthy conversations and design and deliver culturally appropriate programs. Ross is a Co-Founder of Behind The Seen with his partner Veronique, and Behind The Seen aims to raise awareness, and advocate the mental health issues related to emergency service work. Ross is a certified Suicide SafeTalk Instructor and is accredited in Applied Suicide Intervention Skills, Australian Mental Health First Aid, Livingworks ASIST accreditation, and Disaster Recovery Psychological First Aid. In 2022 Ross was awarded an O.A.M for his work in the First Responder Mental Health field.

Lindsay Mamone

Resolute Ready International Ambassador for police, New South Wales Australia
Father & Mental Health Advocate | Ambassador for Australian & New Zealand Mental Health Association | Lived experience | Mental Health, People, Culture & Wellbeing
Lindsay, a father of four, is a former frontline police officer with 20 years of service. During his career, he collected numerous awards and citations for his care and empathy towards people across traumatic and confrontational events. His ability to process several events involving a range of emotional experiences, both typical for police officers and community members, made him an invaluable asset to his team and the community he worked with. Lindsay remained committed to his role as an officer, was a peer support officer & physical trainer for many years, plus a crisis supporter with Lifeline Australia. He continued to provide emotional support to those in need, helping to soften human suffering which rendered him uniquely positioned to recognise and identify individuals traumatized by overwhelming events, both in the workplace and abroad. Lindsay’s dedication to his job has taken a toll on his mental health and physical health as he experiences chronic pain and cumulative PTSD. In 2019, following the bushfires in his rural town, Lindsay established “The Health Project,” a community-focused group aimed at addressing issues related to men’s mental health, community mental health, and working with organisations for the betterment of the community. Then, after fracturing his spine in a mountain bike accident in 2022, Lindsay used his recovery time to write a children’s book called “Why Fun Always Wins.” The book is a testament to Lindsay’s resilience and positive outlook on life, despite the challenges he has faced. Lindsay is passionate about changing cultures for the wellbeing of employees, frontline workers and those who have faced adversity. Thank you for your service Lindsay.

Andrew and Zoe Cullen

Resolute Ready International Community Engagement Liaisons for Queensland

Andy is a veteran of 17 years service in the Australian Army. Retiring as a Major in 2012 having served six years as a soldier in the Royal Australian Infantry (RAINF) and later as an Officer in the Royal Australian Engineers (RAE), focusing much of his career in Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD). He was awarded the COMMENDATION FOR DISTINGUISHED SERVICE for operations in Afghanistan.  Zoe has a passion for life, family, travel and after university, married into the Army, her own career taking a back seat to Andy’s life as a Military Officer. Her passion is now firmly focused on helping others and giving a voice to partners / caregivers and children whose stories are often not told. Founders of the Reboot Course in Australia  https://ptsdresurrected.org/…

Ian Lindgren

Resolute Ready International Community Engagement Liaison for Canberra

Ian Lindgren is the Chairperson of the Australian Peacekeeper and Peacemaker Veterans’ Association Ltd and Executive Chairman of four family businesses.   Ian served in the Army as an Engineer and then corps transferred to RA Signals in 1992.   He served in the Army for 21 years and was medically discharged in 2002 after being injured in the Multinational Force and Observers during a routine visit to the Sinai as Chief of Information Systems.  Ian was no doubt totally permanently incapacitated (TPI) in 2002 but refused to believe it and started the family businesses.  He became TPI in 2015 when he found he could no longer work.   Ian is married to Maria and has two children and six great grandchildren.  The family’s sole social responsibility is to the Australian Veteran Community.   Ian’s area of expertise is enterprise governance, and he devotes his time to improving the ability of DVA to work with veterans, and for veterans to work with DVA.  The Australian Peacekeeper and Peacemaker Veterans’ Association maintains a nationwide network of likeminded organisations so it can assist veterans and their families in a rapid manner, using the most suitable expertise nationally.


Giancarlo Calidonna

Resolute Ready International Community Engagement Liaison for Italy.

Giancarlo is a firefighter from Calabria but works in the Piemonte Region in Italy.  He believes this is such an important cause and we need to look after all First Responders.  More needs to be done and he supports Resolute Ready’s global initiative connecting us no matter where we are because, more than likely, when a natural disaster happens in the world, we will be the first to be called as well as our serving and non-serving military personnel. In 2023, Giancarlo joined the Piemonte firefighters who supported Turkey’s natural disaster and tragic loss of life lay still.  The globe is impacted by service trauma; we need to support them.

Buongiorno volevo ringraziarvi personalmente per il supporto che giornalmente mi strasmettete questa e la mia forsa che mi fa andare avanti ogni giorno
Ringrazio affettuosamente per questo riconoscimento ma vi assicuro che non e solo merito mio ma di tutta la comunità io sono portavoce delle persone che non anno voce sperando di poter raggiungere il nostro obiettivo e un miglioramento delle persone che ancora oggi portano con se la sofferenza vi abbraccio sperando in un fururo migliore —

United States of America

Resolute Ready International Ambassador Liaison for Indiana USA.

James Chancellor served his country in the United States Army as a door gunner with the 119th. Assault Helicopter Company in 1969-70. On April 21st, 1970, his helicopter was shot down in the jungles of Vietnam. For what happened that day both in the air and on the ground he was awarded the Purple Heart and a Heroism made for Valor.
Mr. Chancellor began his crusade to help his fellow veterans immediately upon returning home from war-torn Vietnam. In 1972 he organized and participated in a 50-mile walk to raise money for the families of our POWs and Missing in Action.
Jim worked diligently building relationships with the leadership of our veteran organizations like 4 Star General William Westmoreland, and Congressional Medal of Honor recipients Sammy L. Davis and Gary Wetzel. Jim has been on stage with the late great entertainers Bob Hope and the country legend Toby Keith. He has spoken many times at the Veterans of Foreign Wars national convention and today he continues his mission to educate and enlighten us all on the effects of war.
Among his many accolades, Mr. Chancellor has been awarded the Purple Heart, a Heroism Medal for Valor, and the Certificate of Appreciation from the National Veterans of Foreign Wars. He was also honored by the North Township trustee as Veteran of the Year. Jim received the Volunteer of the Year from the National Disabled American Veterans Association, he is a published author and in 2016 he was inducted into the Indiana Veterans Hall of Fame.
Athletic in appearance, spontaneous, and well-educated on the issues. Mr. Chancellor is comfortable with all types of media and is an excellent interviewee and interviewer.
Mr. Chancellor’s wartime stress is real. He bares his heart and soul when delivering his presentation appropriately named ” PTSD Through the Eyes of a Door Gunner.”

Connie Karras

Resolute Ready International Community Engagement Liaison for Chicago USA.
Thank you for your service and the commitment you show to improve the lives of others.
As a United States Marine Corps Desert Storm veteran located in the Chicagoland Area, I am the new Resolute Ready Chicago Community Engagement Liaison dedicated to doing all I can to help save lives. I found it difficult to bridge the gap between discharge from the USMC and transition into civilian life, and having a resource like Resolute Ready at my disposal at the time would have helped tremendously.

Dr Daniel Perkins

Resolute Ready International Ambassador

Daniel F. Perkins, Ph.D., is a Professor of Family and Youth Resiliency and Policy at Penn State University and also the Director of the Clearinghouse for Military Family Readiness at Penn State, a university-wide applied research center.

Dr. Perkins has been leading complex projects for over 25 years. His scholarship integrates research and practice in three focus areas: (1) Healthy Family Development increase resiliency through evidence-based, strength-based educational programming; (2) Implementation Science – involves mix-methods hybrid evaluations of preventions and interventions, implementation outcomes, and community-based delivery models, especially in military-connected contexts; and (3) Community Collaboration – promote strategies for mobilizing communities in support of children, youth, and families. One of his primary areas of focus is in fostering the well-being of military servicemembers, veterans, and their families through the Clearinghouse. In his role as Director, he facilitates the translation of science into action by providing comprehensive, science-based programs and technical assistance to professionals working with military servicemembers, veterans and their families.

The Clearinghouse’s mission is to engage in applied research and evaluation, implementation science, education, and outreach to advance the well-being and health of service members, veterans, and their families. Our vision is to ensure United States military families are always supported by practices and programs known to be effective based on science and evidence. Our aim is to safeguard that evidence-informed programs are implemented with quality to enhance readiness and overall well-being. The Clearinghouse conducts applied research to solve practical problems. Thus, our research is designed in close collaboration with our various partners, including the Department of Defense, Services, state and federal policy makers, private foundations, and other universities.

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Tony Wright and Paula Edwards 

Resolute Ready International Community Engagement Liaisons 

Tony is the CEO of Forward Assist & Salute Her UK.  Tony is a UK Veteran, a social worker,  and a researcher.  Forward Assist is a UK Charity that provides evidence informed support and services to Military Members and Veterans with complex needs, most of whom have experienced Military Sexual Abuse.  Given the demand from Military Service Women and Veterans with complex needs, Forward Assist has developed a separate service called Salute Her UK to provide services and support to Military Service Women and Veterans across the UK.

Paula is a psychologist, a researcher and the CEO of the specialist service Salute Her UK that supports Military Service Women and Veterans with complex needs. Salute Her UK was spun out of Forward Assist to be a dedicated service for Military Service Women and Veterans.

Valuing People Valuing Children Valuing Lives

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